Who are we?

One day we were looking for furniture for our new home, and we couldn’t find the right one for us. We were not satisfied with the quality or the appearance or the price. Then we turned our attention to vintage and antiques. It was a discovery that took us over completely. We were able to find something that is beyond words to describe how it suited us. It’s individuality, quality, and a sense that every little detail has been thought of. Eco-friendly materials and unique production technology.

A little later, we had a difficult life situation and decided to sell our favorite upholstered living room set. There was little hope, but a buyer was found quickly. We were even able to make money on the sale and then decided this was our chance. We started buying furniture all over old Europe and bringing it to Latvia. That’s how we ended up with our Salon Antiques “Housevintage”.

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All of the furniture you see on our website is in-store and can be picked up the same day.

We provide the most suitable delivery (Eksprespasts, Omniva, DPD and others.)

We try to offer all the furniture in good condition.

We arrange furniture as it would be in your home. You can walk around our place like in a museum.

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